Decorating for a church wedding has a unique set of challenges. Churches may have specific restrictions and limited space within the sanctuary. Many of today’s trendiest aisle décor ideas are designed for free-standing chairs rather than church pews. Pews tend to be uniquely shaped as well.

To put your own touch on your ceremony space, find inspiration within these wedding pew decoration ideas.

Floral Décor

Coordinating your church pew accents with your bouquets and boutonnieres is a beautiful way to add your own taste to a church wedding. Garlands can be used to drape pews or line your aisle. Using greenery is a popular option. You could also pick a simple, monochromatic chain of lilies or another bloom. With a little bit of planning, you can reuse these garlands to decorate your tables later on in the night.

For an updated version of traditional floral pew decorations, use wreaths or small buckets of flowers tied to the end of each pew with pretty ribbon.

Drastically increasing your floral order for wedding pew decorations may be cost prohibitive. Instead of living flowers and greenery, try:

  • Paper flower bouquets, wreaths or garlands.
  • Wreathes made from brightly colored leaves (for a fall wedding) or evergreen branches (for a winter wedding).
  • Filling out garlands with silk flowers, tulle, ribbon, pompoms or even rope.
  • Lining the aisle with potted plants that grow in your climate.

Personalized Touches

Use your limited space to add a truly personal touch to your ceremony space. Instead of hanging flowers or wreaths from each pew, tie framed photos of loved ones on their wedding days to the pew with ribbon. An assortment of frame sizes adds an eclectic element to a traditional sanctuary.

Incorporate the season of your wedding into pew and aisle décor for a personalized element. In the fall, line your aisle with pumpkins. Straw hats with ribbon make cute pew markers for summertime weddings. Winter ceremonies can use mittens, ornaments or kids’ ice skates at the end of each pew.

Trending Decorations

A church’s décor limitations don’t need to discourage your aisle dreams. For a firefly glow, swap a floral garland for string lights nestled within tulle draped from pew to pew. Bows made from ribbon, tulle or even twine are simple and sweet. You can also line your aisle with lanterns filled with flameless candles and greenery. For narrow aisles, consider decorating your entrance and leaving pews more simply dressed.

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