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Fashion, décor and art continue to influence wedding cake design. This year, we expect to see even more creative takes on the traditional wedding cake as couples look to infuse their personality, style and theme into the cake design. Pastry chefs (now as much artists as they are bakers) are taking their skills and their designs to new heights as we watch this wedding centerpiece take on new forms with each season.

What can you expect to see on the cake table this year? Some of last season’s favorite design elements, such as drip cakes and naked cakes, will continue to be popular, but new trends are emerging.

Black Cakes

These statement pieces, often finished in fondant, are as artistic as they are delicious. Sleek, modern and dramatic, a black cake is ideal for a glamorous wedding, particularly one late in the year when the weather cools down.


There’s nothing boring about a white-on-white cake. Often embellished with extensive, intricate piping, a white cake is elegant and timeless. The monochromatic cake exudes romance and perfectly complements a dreamy theme of lush greenery and wintery white or blush florals.

Edible Art

An icing finish that mimicks a painter’s brush stroke has taken hold of the cake world. This whimsical detail, reminiscent of a painter’s palate, is a great way to incorporate multiple colors of your wedding theme. Hand-painted florals and textile-inspired motifs are rising in popularity and continue to make this work of art an edible wonder.

Modern Influences

Taking nods from home décor, geometrics and metallic colors will find their way onto the wedding cake table this year. The clean lines of a hexagon make a striking cake shape best finished with fondant to emphasize the crisp corners of this modern design element. Accents of silver, gold, copper and rose gold will also make bold statements on wedding cakes for a dramatic hint of glamor.

Don’t let shape, color or pattern restrict your wedding cake vision, use these trends to envision a cake that’s as unique as it is delicious.

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