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A dreamy outdoor wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate the love you and your fiancé have for one another. However, outdoor weddings do demand that you think about a few more details while planning. Keep your nuptials running smoothly with these four outdoor wedding tips.

Have a Plan B

You may be dreaming of an outdoor wedding, but unless you have a weather-proof plan B, you may not have a wedding at all. Make sure your venue includes either a moderately weatherproof tent with sides or indoor space in case of inclement weather. If your ceremony or reception aren’t at a traditional venue, reserve a tent through a local vendor just in case. Keep an eye on the weather leading up to your ceremony and make adjustments to your venue and itinerary as necessary.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

First and foremost, let your guests know that your wedding will take place outside on your invitations and wedding website. Suggest they bring sunglasses, raincoats, sweaters and anything else they may need to be comfortable outdoors all evening.

You can also add touches that help your guests feel at home. Angle your ceremony away from the sun and choose a shady spot if possible. Have ice water available from the very beginning of your celebration to the very end to keep everyone hydrated. Sunscreen and bug spray are items that you can ask guests to bring themselves, but you can stock restrooms with them as well. Umbrellas and towels should be readily available, just in case a late afternoon shower rolls in. Prepare for both steamy afternoon heat and a cool evening breeze with fans and space heaters.

Prepare for a Breeze

Guests will likely welcome a slight breeze with open arms. Make sure your dress, hair, décor, place cards and food can withstand the wind. Even a slight breeze can send menus and programs flying.

Add Electricity

There are lots of wedding elements that require electricity. Popular venues probably have a well-tested method to send power to your vendors. For a backyard wedding, park nuptials or lakeside ceremony, you’ll likely have to rent a generator or two. Microphones (a must-have for outdoor ceremonies), your DJ or band, lighting for after dark and caterer’s equipment will all need to be powered.

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