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A wedding cake is a piece of art. It can establish a mood and tell a story. It’s also a highlight of your reception so don’t forget to personalize or extend your wedding theme to this very photogenic wedding element.

A wedding cake is much more than a few tiers of delicious dessert, it’s a canvas awaiting your creativity. With a bit of inspiration, your pastry chef can create an edible piece of art you and your guests will never forget. Here are a few ways to incorporate your wedding theme or personal elements into your cake.


Flowers and Colors

The colors of your wedding theme can easily be infused into your cake through ribbons, icing and embellishments such as jewels, shells, lace and feathers.

Flowers, whether fresh, fondant or sugar, add romance and elegance to any cake. You can coordinate with the ones you chose for your bridal bouquets and centerpieces, or add a fresh pop of color with the cake flowers.


Experiment with Shapes and Sizes

Today’s wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes. From the traditional rounds and squares, to hexagons and specialty shapes, it seems there’s no end to what a talented pastry chef can create. Have fun with your cake and let it tell a story. 


Unique Displays

The way you display your cake says as much about your theme as the design of the cake itself. Take the time to consider new and different ways of displaying your cake. If you’re having a beachfront destination wedding, prop your cake on a surf board, or use an old dresser or antique table to display the cake at your rustic wedding. For a glam wedding, a cake chandelier is a popular idea that makes a very dramatic statement.


Accessorize to Personalize

The cake topper is one of the easiest ways to personalize your wedding cake. You’ll find countless online resources that sell every topper imaginable. The cake topper can say something about you as a couple, it can represent your future or it can be a playful take on your theme. Monograms are trendy and available in vibrant colors, endless fonts and glittering metallics.

You can also have fun with the cake knife. Perhaps your fiancé is a butcher or an arborist, a butcher or saw-shaped knife is whimsical and personal, and makes for a great photo.


Don’t Forget the Taste

Your wedding cake is like the finale of a great musical; it completes the story and sends you on your way satisfied and smiling. A decadent chocolate cake complements an elegant wedding or a tie dye filling is a playful finish to your whimsical theme.

No matter your theme, an experienced pastry chef will know just how to bring it to life through your wedding cake. Meet with the team at Cookie Patisserie & Bakery to begin planning, call 716-878-8821 today.

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