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Whether you’re enjoying your reception at a head table with your wedding party, or just the two of you will be watching friends and family on the dance floor from a sweetheart table, consider adding a little something extra to the table’s décor. All eyes will be on you, your best man and your maid of honor, and therefore your table, throughout the first part of your reception. You’ll want a special space with a great view to take a break from the party too.

Look Up

Draw attention to your head table or sweetheart table with dramatic décor overhead. Almost anything you place on a table can also be hung above your seats. String garlands of greens, flowers or paper cutouts overhead, or choose a show stopping collection of lanterns, chandeliers or Edison bulbs.

Add Color

Highlight you and your sweetheart with a table dressed with a little extra color. Use neutral linens across your other tables and top yours with a bright runner. Choose vibrant flowers, a collection of plants growing in brightly colored pots or candles flickering in colorful votives.

Change up the Chairs

Even if high-end chairs for all of your guests weren’t in the budget, you can still consider something special for your head table or sweetheart table. High-backed upholstered chairs, a loveseat, or fabric draped along your chairbacks make your chairs stand out. Many couples choose to differentiate their chairs with cute “Mr.” and Mrs.” signs as well.

You can also choose a unique table, especially if you choose to keep your head table to just the two of you. Consider bare wood, iron-legged tables or an interesting shape that highlights you and your new spouse, as well as the beautiful space you’re celebrating in.

Create a Backdrop

Many venues will set up your reception’s layout so that your head table has the best seat in the house, right in front of a beautiful wall of windows or open barn doors. This gives you a stunning backdrop, without any extra décor at all.

You can also create a beautiful background for your sweetheart table with a living wall, draped ribbons or hanging string lights. A collection of balloons that frames your table looks whimsical. Sit under an arch, perhaps the arch you used for your ceremony if it’s not too heavy or ornate to move. Hang a collection of empty ornate frames to add depth, or feature a pretty wreath above eye-level, which fits especially well at rustic and winter weddings.

Keep it Simple

If detailed décor is not your cup of tea, keep your sweetheart table simple with a single vase of flowers, candle or sign. After all, your wedding day is about you and your love for each other. That’s more than enough to keep all eyes on you, whether your table is decked out or not!

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