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Choosing your wedding venue is often about what feels right. However, it’s important to consider the details, rather than booking a venue that looks perfect at a glance. Finding a venue that fits your vision for your wedding day and is comfortable for guests can be a time-consuming search. Staying committed to your search to find the perfect wedding venue means ending up with a space that works for your big day.

When choosing a wedding venue, make sure to keep these details in mind:

  • Find a venue that comfortably fits your guest list. Cocktail receptions will require less space per person, while a seated meal means room for larger tables and more chairs.
  • Stick to your budget, regardless of how much you love a space. Over-spending on one of your first decisions means less to spend on every other item. Do consider what’s included in the price tag. A wedding venue may seem expensive, but if it includes rentals, etc. it may be more affordable than it looks!
  • Look through images from other weddings at each venue. Are there any with an aesthetic similar to how you picture your wedding? Sometimes beautiful spaces don’t quite fit your style.
  • Consider the location of each venue you look at. If your ceremony will be at a different site, make sure the two are fairly close together. The availability of nearby hotels, transportation and parking are also factors to consider.
  • Couples set on a specific date for their wedding will be limited in their venue choices. Every venue will have different availability, depending on the season, popularity, staff, location, etc.
  • Take note of how venue personnel interact with you over email and in person. Polite, helpful staff will make your wedding planning go more smoothly.
  • Ask about all restrictions the venue may place on your event, especially a required end time and the amount of time you or your event planner will have to set up before the reception.
  • Lots of couples prioritize privacy over other amenities. Will your event be one of several taking place at the venue simultaneously? How does the venue keep other weddings’ attendees and hotel guests from peaking in or joining your party?
  • For couples holding their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at the same place, space is a bigger consideration. Ask how spaces will be separated and transformed to make it all work.
  • At rustic or outdoor venues, restrooms might be a bit of an afterthought. In reality, they should be one of the first details you consider, especially if you have guests that need accessible facilities.
  • If there’s any chance that your venue will be affected by weather, you’ll need a plan B. Most venues will have a go-to solution; make sure you’re just as in love with plan B as your original plans.
  • Depending on your specific wedding timeline, you may need a bridal suite. Take a peek at the accommodations during your tour to make sure your bridal party will fit comfortably.

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