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After the stress of wedding planning and the excitement of your big day, your honeymoon is all about relaxing with your special someone. Regardless of your destination – hot or cold, all inclusive or road trip, national park or cityscape – there are things all honeymooning couples should do.

Make sure you check these boxes to have the trip of a lifetime:

1. Choose a New Destination

Honeymoon in a location neither of you have ever been. When you think about the destination in the future, it will always be the place where you spent your first days of marriage together.

2. Unplug

You can definitely post photos on Instagram of the gorgeous view from your suite but scrolling through congratulatory posts on your Facebook wall is a waste of time. Spend the precious hours of your honeymoon fully present.

If you want to read and respond to comments on your profiles later, they’ll still be there when you get home. Your well-wishing friends and family definitely understand why you’d rather focus on what’s in front of you.

3. Experience Something New

Regardless of your destination, make sure you experience something new together. Rock climbing, sky diving, a cooking class, sailing or anything else you have both always wanted to try are all good ideas.

4. Sleep In

Your honeymoon is all about relaxing and rejuvenating with your brand-new spouse. Make sure you sleep in (or go to bed early if that’s more your thing) at least a few mornings. A leisurely pace is just what you need after the stress of wedding planning.

5. Take Pictures

Take pictures of the sights you’re seeing – with you in front of them. Selfies are great but ask strangers to get a few photos of you too. Almost anyone will be happy to help you document your travels if you tell them you’re on your honeymoon!

6. Go on a Date

Don’t forget about a special date night at least a few times during your honeymoon. Get dressed up, sip fancy drinks and indulge on dessert or eat pizza on the beach with a bottle of wine. This trip is all about the two of you, so choose a date that you’ll both love.

7. Decompress at Home

Between your wedding and honeymoon, you haven’t spent much time at home in the last few weeks. Give yourself an extra day before heading back to work to readjust to real, married life.

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