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Creating a custom drink to serve to your guests adds an extra element of personalization to your reception. Signature cocktails continue to be popular; craft beer and specialty coffee are also great ways to treat your guests to a unique drink.

Signature Cocktails

The easiest personalized drink option is a specialty cocktail. If you’re adventurous drinkers or self-taught mixologists, you can create an amazing drink on your own. Your favorite bartender or caterer can also help you design a drink that both tastes amazing and complements your reception.

The ease of creating a unique cocktail makes it possible to serve two specialty mixed drinks, one that you love and one your fiancé enjoys. Cocktails can also be personalized to fit within your wedding’s theme, with colorful fruit, green herbs and an endless number of drinkware options.

If you’re still missing your “something blue” or “something old,” create a signature cocktail that fits the bill! A blueberry mojito or whiskey sour add a beautiful deep blue to your bar. Classic options like an old fashioned or Tom Collins can easily be updated to appeal to lots of guests.

Custom Beer or Coffee

Creating a personalized beer or coffee to serve guests is a little trickier. You’ll need to enlist the help of a local brewer or roaster. Both options are easy to serve throughout your reception, either on tap or as part of your coffee station. Beer is a great fit for brewery receptions or industrial spaces, while a specialty coffee blend is perfect for a brunch reception.

Tips for the Perfect Specialty Drink

No matter which drink you choose to add to your reception, it’s important to remember that this drink is both for you and your guests. Make sure you choose something universally appealing, so your guests can enjoy the drink you created to share with them.

Give your personalized cocktail, beer or coffee a clever name. Design a label or recipe card that matches your signage and décor and incorporate your drink into your favor.

Your signature drink doesn’t need to be available for guests all night long, especially if you’re including a taste or the recipe within your favor. Consider limiting the amount of time your drink is served, especially if it’s complicated or made with high end liquor. This also gives you the opportunity to serve a more specific drink, like a champagne cocktail for the toast, or coffee-based cocktail or beer after dinner.

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