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An Interview with Cookie’s Pastry Chef Heather Hammer

MOMENTS: What flavor and style of wedding cake is your favorite?

HH: That’s easy. I love an almond cake with raspberry filling. It’s been my favorite for a long time but almond’s popularity dropped for a while because of nut allergies. It’s coming now back because many of the extracts we use don’t actually contain nuts. When it comes to icing, I love the look of fondant (and I love working with it) but nothing tastes better than true buttercream.


M: What do you love about baking wedding cakes?

HH: I love the people behind the cake. When I look back at a picture of a wedding cake, I remember the couple and I remember the connection they have with one another. The relationship I develop with a couple during the tasting and design process often leads to a lifelong friendship, and that’s the most rewarding part of my job. Our bond carries us from a wedding cake to special occasions like anniversaries and baby showers. Just the other day, a client came in and I knew I recognized her. I had done her wedding cake 10 years ago. She said I’ve been doing her daughter’s birthday cakes every year since. She turned seven this year.

M: What do you think makes a wedding memorable?

HH: I like when everything flows well and there’s good chemistry between the couple and the guests. The bride and groom make it personal. I love when the bride and groom give the speeches – it’s much more personal. Thanking your guests and making them feel special goes a long way to creating a memorable experience.

M: Do you have any advice for couples thinking about their wedding cake?

HH: Plan your cake ahead of time. The sooner the better. Once all the details are out of the way, you can enjoy the last few moments of your engagement. For your cake, think about flavor, design options and color elements. I often find inspiration from a theme or the venue. We deliver to all the venues in Buffalo, so if a couple isn’t sure about design I can take cues from the venue and infuse them into the cake. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but I try to remind couples not to lose themselves in the process. In the end, the goal is the marriage, not the wedding.

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