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Break the Ice with Interactive Food Stations

Your wedding guest list includes all of your favorite people, from your childhood nanny to your college roommate, but many of them are likely meeting for the first time. How do you find a way to connect these multi-generational circles and get everyone to have fun and get to know one another? The answer is simple: food.

Everybody loves food. We also love to get involved in the preparation. Get your guests up, mingling and making memories with interactive food stations. Here are some great ways to get your guests rubbing elbows and sharing stories at interactive food stations.

Something Sweet or Savory

A make-your-own grilled cheese station will quickly unite the generations. All you’ll need is a panini press or two, a variety of pre-sliced breads, cheeses and meats and a big bowl of butter. You can also use flavored spreads to spice-up the sandwiches and offer other toppings such as sliced veggies, hot banana peppers, bacon and sliced apples. Let your creativity fly with this fun conversation-starter.

Everyone loves roasting marshmallows around a cozy campfire but unless you’re having an outdoor wedding this might seem like an unrealistic idea. Think again. You can create your own s’mores station by building a simple wooden trough out of recycled wood or pallets. Then, line the trough with river rocks from your local craft store and place Sternos (found at any party supply shop) within the rocks and you’re ready to roast. The nostalgia of toasting marshmallows over an open flame has a way of bringing people together, so display all the fixings for this delicious dessert station, light up the Sternos and watch the magic happen.

Something to Sip

A snow cone bar will be just the trick to heat up the conversations and cool down your guests. Prepare a table with fancy cups, crushed ice and a variety of flavored syrups and let your guests scoop up the fun. A hot summer wedding pairs well with this idea and you can roll out mojito, daiquiri and margarita cocktail syrups. If you’re inviting kids, make sure to label the kid-friendly options. You might want to have a separate kids’ station to ensure little hands don’t find themselves on the wrong bottles!

If you or your fiancé has a passion for rare spirits, consider setting up a tasting station with a few of your favorite labels. You can go for a theme with various brands of one liquor (Scotch is popular right now) and include the supplies for guests to try it different ways: on the rocks, with a twist, or leave a recipe card with your favorite way to enjoy it. You can also celebrate your heritage with wine, beer or liquor selections from your homeland. Add some signage that talks about the area and your guests will have fun on the “Tour de Liqueurs.” You can even sprinkle a few props around the table and leave an instant camera for an easy DIY photo booth.

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