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Every bride promises her girls a dress they’ll wear again. Today’s fashion-forward dresses embrace the latest design trends and might actually deliver on this age-old promise. From shoulder-baring silhouettes and sultry sleeves to textured fabrics and flattering hemlines, we’ve rounded up the top bridesmaid dress trends to watch.

  1. Off-the-Shoulder Variations. The off-the-shoulder look isn’t new, but long sleeves or flowy armbands are a fresh take on the design that add an air of modesty to this revealing silhouette. Want more coverage with a shoulder baring look? The halter neckline is universally flattering and guaranteed to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Or go for an elegant one-shoulder design.
  2. Floral Fabrics. From muted to bold patterns, florals are fitting for spring and summer affairs. The pop of color lends itself well to any color scheme and your gown will shine next to these bright designs.
  3. Embellish a Little. Let’s be honest, no one is going to upstage you on your big day. So why not have your wedding party enhance the moment with memorable dresses embellished with beads, sequins, lace and embroidery. The designs add texture, glamor and romance to any scene. Dark, moody sequins are perfect drama-inducers for fall and winter weddings.
  4. Vintage Vibes. Variations on traditional sleeves tend to add an heirloom feel to your girl’s gowns. Flutter sleeves or caps, especially lace caps, are great options for rustic or vintage weddings.
  5. Tea Length. From just below the knee to brushing the top of calf, tea length dresses lend themselves to informal occasions. Adding tulle or chiffon creates a playful skirt that’s also cool for hot summer days.
  6. Mix and Match. First rule of mix and match; there are no rules. Go for it! Be bold and have fun. You can mix metallics, play with shades of the same color, go for complimentary contrasts or vary length, neckline and silhouette. The options are truly endless and the break from a monochromatic color scheme is a refreshing break from tradition.

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