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A wedding cake made by a friend or relative can be meaningful and inexpensive. But, there are some risks you should consider before agreeing to a homemade cake. From liability to licensing issues, you may be surprised to learn that your venue won’t serve your sentimental sweets. Pastry pros like Cookie Patisserie & Bakery have the knowledge, experience and state-approved credentials to deliver your stunning cake safely, and work harmoniously with all local venues as a preferred vendor.

“Most venues require that your cake be prepared and delivered by a licensed professional,” said Heather Hammer, Pastry Chef, Cookie Patisserie & Bakery. “We typically have to present our Bakers and Confectioners business license, as well as a certificate of liability insurance, before delivering a cake. Since we work with nearly every venue is WNY, our records are on file and our reputation has earned us the distinction of being a preferred vendor all over the city.”

The last thing you need is another worry on your wedding day. And while the sentiment of a homemade cake is sweet, incurring a health violation or having your cake turned away at the door will most definitely sour the mood. Typically, venues want to see a NY State food permit and health inspection to avoid any liability issues due to allergens or contamination. From the perspective of the venue, liability insurance protects everyone; the venue, the bakery and your guests. In the event of an issue with the cake, the liability falls on the bakery business not the venue. The insurance also protects the venue should a member of the bakery team be injured while delivering the cake.

Which points to another potential pitfall in working with a home baker. Delivering a wedding cake takes great skill, precision and patience – qualities that are earned and honed with experience.

“Slow and steady is key to a successful cake delivery,” said Heather. “We also build enough time into the delivery agenda to account for any issues. If something goes wrong, we have the time and the talent to take care of it immediately. I’ve heard too many stories about delivery accidents with home bakers who don’t have the resources or skills to solve the problem and the couple ends up without a cake. I don’t want that to happen to anyone!”

Heather says her team of talented pastry chefs, and the experience they bring to your event, is the greatest advantage you gain from working with professionals.

Don’t leave your dessert to chance. Always work with a licensed, insured professional who will guarantee a great outcome on your wedding day.

To schedule a wedding cake consultation and tasting with Cookie, call 716.337.5534.

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