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Still looking for some relief in your wedding budget? Look no further than décor. We’ve got great decorating ideas for any wedding theme. Candles, branches and colorful lighting are all high-impact, low-cost ways to decorate your reception.

Spark the Romance

Fabric is a great way to add softness and elegance to your reception, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Visit a local fabric store and ask for end-of-the-roll-discounts. Pick out a few colors and textures to mix and match and get to work. You can wrap structural poles and columns, drape swaths of fabric across the front of your head table, or swag it over windows. You can even add strings of lights behind the fabric to add to the moodiness of your venue.

A local wedding decorator may offer fabric rentals so take the time to compare the cost of purchasing and renting fabric. If the rental cost includes set up it may be worth the spend, plus you won’t have reams of fabric to deal with the next day.

Candles are another great way to set the mood at a romantic wedding. When purchased in bulk, they can be a cost-effective decorating idea that adds warmth, romance and ambiance. Ask your caterer if they have votive holders, hurricanes or lanterns for rent.

Go Rustic

Put nature to work for you when decorating your rustic wedding, particularly if it’s an outdoor or barn wedding. Branches and twigs can be cut and clustered into bunches of varying heights to create dramatic centerpieces or food station decorations. Create a garland to decorate your head table and cake table using vines, twigs and greenery.

For a ceremony on the lawn, visit a local farmer to purchase bales of hay that can be used to create rows of seating. Collect family-favorite blankets from your closest relatives to drape over the hay bales for a cozy and nostalgic look that brings the comforts of home to the outdoors. Be sure to cover the hay in tarps or plastic overnight to prevent water damage due to rain or dew. No one wants to sit on a soggy seat!

Add a Little Whimsy

Balloons are an inexpensive way to fill a room with color and dimension. Staggered in height and mimicking your color scheme, balloons can be used to accentuate bars and food stations, or fill corners in a stark room. You can also hang multi-colored paper lanterns throughout the room to draw the eye up or fill a tall space.

Colored lighting can be a playful way to infuse a lighthearted spirit into your reception. Lighting continues to be one of the most inexpensive ways to dramatically change your wedding venue. Professional lighting companies offer a variety of colors that can transition throughout the event.

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