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We’ve all been to weddings where the favors weren’t practical, pretty, transportable or thoughtful. The best way to delight your guests with favors they love? Make them edible! There are so many ways to incorporate rich winter flavors into your wedding favors.

Gourmet Chocolate

The ways to use chocolate are almost endless and all of them will impress your guests. Hot chocolate paired with handmade marshmallows and packaged in cute jars is always a hit. Gourmet chocolate bars in pretty packaging doesn’t need to be wrapped, just set in baskets for guests to grab on their way out the door. You could also have chocolate molded into your initials, your guests’ initials or a special shape.

Your chocolate favors don’t need to be just chocolate! Wrap up chocolate covered pretzels or peppermint bark for a favor that will quickly turn into a late-night snack once guests get back to their hotel rooms.

Locally Made Goodies

Ask your favorite coffee or tea shop if you can purchase your favorite mix (or a few) in bulk. Package the beans or leaves into satchels that will blend into your reception décor before guests take them home. You could also visit your local farmers’ market before it closes for the winter to find a vendor selling homemade jellies. A small jar tied with a ribbon is a simple, practical and beautiful favor.

Breakfast Treats

Give guests something to snack on before they head home the next morning. For chilly winter mornings, consider rich pastries, such as scones, biscuits or corn muffins. Pair with a flavored butter and high quality or homemade jam.

Extra Sweets

Some couples are choosing to forego cake at their reception, instead opting for a cake favor. Send guests home with cake slices or cupcakes in a variety of flavors. You could also use mini pies for a more rustic, seasonal favor.

For something more personal, ask a few local family members to bake cookies for your guests. Package them up and include the recipe, as long as the original baker doesn’t mind.

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