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Numbering the tables at your wedding reception is essential to pointing your guests towards the table they’ll be enjoying dinner (or brunch) at. There are an almost endless number of ways to do this, and it’s a great place to start if you’re not quite sure what your reception tablescapes will look like yet.

Use these ideas to begin dreaming up table numbers that will be both functional and fashionable.

Start with Photo Frames

Inexpensive frames from your favorite home goods stores are a great place to start. Choose identical, mis-matched or complementary frames. Popular options include distressed wood, sleek metallics and floating frames.

The most straightforward way to create your table numbers using frames is to print or calligraph numbers that match your invitations, signs or programs and slip the paper into the frame. You can also write on chalkboard paper for a rustic tablescape.

For an airier look, trace or calligraph numbers directly onto the frames’ glass. You can also remove the glass altogether and let your table numbers pop. Use the frame as a base for 3D numbers and accents, such as greenery or ribbons.

Let Cutout Numbers Stand on their Own

Almost any style of number, from script to geometric, can be cut from wood or metal. A local artist (or Etsy seller) will be able to design numbers that fit your wedding’s décor and then cut them from your desired material. Wood can be painted to match just about any linens, florals and venue.

For a similar 3D look, find decorative house numbers and affix them to a base or backing so they can stand on their own.

Use Small Supports for a Big Impact

Instead of frames, display paper table numbers with a smaller support. First, make sure the paper you choose is sturdy enough to stand on its own, even in hot, humid conditions. Then, find holders for your paper. We’ve seen small easels, corks and tree branches with a small slit, and tabletop photo holders.

Add Numbers to Other Table Elements

Instead of adding to your tablescape with numbers, incorporate your numbers into existing table elements. Numbers can be tied to or written directly on vases, candle holders, lanterns and vintage books. Flags, pennants and banners can also be attached to larger items within your tablescape.

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