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When couples getting married during the winter long for a warm weather wedding, they usually opt for destinations such as Caribbean islands, Mexican resorts, Costa Rican beaches or Italian coast. Have you considered a South African destination wedding?

South Africa’s summer reaches from December to February, which is followed by a short fall. South Africa encompasses many different climates. During the summer, you will find weather from Mediterranean (warm and dry) to desert (hot and arid).

Besides the weather, what makes South Africa a worthy wedding destination?

Natural Beauty

South Africa is home to a huge variety of climates and landscapes, all of which make for beautiful backdrops for your destination wedding. Much of the country is coastal, with everything from rugged cliffs to pristine beaches. You’ll find venues in private game reserves, within acres of vineyards and at the base of panoramic mountain ranges.

Metropolitan Options

Breathtaking natural landscapes are not the only option for South African destination weddings. Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban offer skylines filled with skyscrapers and all kinds of venues. Durban and Cape Town are located on the east and west coast, respectively. Johannesburg is the country’s biggest city and is located inland.


The exchange rate between the UD dollar and South African rand is quite favorable for a destination wedding in South Africa. Venues, vendors and accommodations are all available at reasonable costs, as compared to many other countries around the world. One of the biggest expenses for you and your guests will be flights between the US and South Africa.

A Variety of Venues

For every type of landscape in South Africa, there are dozens of venue choices. Couples looking for private estates, beach resorts or rooftop views will find them here. Gorgeous wineries, historic downtown venues and unique buildings that blend into the rugged landscapes around them are all options.

English Speaking

Many couples hesitate to plan destination weddings that incorporate local culture because of language barriers. We’re by no means suggesting you skip a local wedding planner. However, English is one of South Africa’s official languages, so you’ll be able to communicate directly with many of your vendors.

High End Vendors

Because a huge number of movies are filmed in South Africa, the vendors here are very used to working under high expectations. Rentals, caterers, florists and makeup artists will be happy to work with couples to create the wedding of their dreams. South Africa is also a foodie heaven, thanks to its long history of Dutch, French, Portuguese and Indian influences. Because of South Africa’s location at the convergence of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, spice trade also impacted the local cuisine.

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