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After 20, years in the business, Heather Hammer, pastry chef, Cookie Patisserie & Bakery, knows a trend when she sees one. Each week she spends time with new couples discussing and designing the wedding cake of their dreams. Here are a few trends she sees changing the wedding cake scene in 2020.

Seasonal Snubs

Think your fall wedding cake has to include red and orange hues? Not anymore!

“There was a time when the season naturally dictated the wedding cake design but more and more, I’m seeing couples designing their cake around a theme, their personalities or their favorite colors, despite the season,” said Heather.

This liberating trend allows couples to envision a cake outside of seasonal constraints and embrace all flavors and all colors year round.

Sweet Station

This trend has been building for a few years and Heather doesn’t see any sign of a slowdown. The dessert station is a popular alternative to plated desserts that gives guests the chance to get up, move around, select from an array of desserts and even sample more than one.

Heather says popular dessert display items include: cupcakes, cookies, bite-sized desserts, donuts, hand pies and more. A unique visual display and the variety of flavors make this option appealing to many couples, so Heather and the Cookie team are continually seeking new ways to bring bold flavors into bite-sized options.

Sweet Substitutes

While cake will always be the go-to dessert for weddings, pies are gaining momentum. With so many flavor profiles the options are endless when creating a pie display for your wedding. Pies are a great accompaniment to a rustic wedding with their nostalgic nature and handmade quality. Using family recipes and creative displays, this classic American dessert can be a perfect finish to your wedding day.

Trend Talk

We couldn’t resist the urge to ask Heather about her favorite, and not-so-favorite, wedding trends:

MYM: If you could bring back any wedding trend, what would it be?

HH: I really miss the big, tall, multi-tiered wedding cakes. So many couples are going for dessert displays or small, understated cakes, but I miss the lavish cakes. Not only does it make a beautiful statement at your reception, it’s such a dramatic and classic photo opportunity and it’s one that I think couples will miss as they age and look back at their photos.

MYM: What wedding trend would you chose to say goodbye to if you could?

HH: I’m really not a fan of the trend toward no favors. I think guests like to walk away with something to remember your day by. A small memento of appreciation is such a nice touch and it can be so meaningful when thoughtfully planned.

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