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When it comes time to meet with a trusted travel partner, there are few helpful bits of information that will make the planning and research run smoothly.

  1. Know when you want to travel.
    Gone are the days when every honeymoon starts the day after the reception. Many couples are electing to plan a long weekend away right after the wedding and saving their honeymoon for a later date. For instance, if you’re dreaming of a European ski vacation but your wedding is in July, you can plan a weekend in New York, Seattle or Chicago following the wedding. Then, in the winter months, you’ll embark on an extended trip to the snow-capped mountains of Austria.
  2. Know where you want to go.
    Knowing where you don’t want to go is equally as important as where you want to go. If you’re opposed to cruising, make sure that is mentioned during your initial travel meeting. As you’re researching, keep a running list of things you like and don’t like. These little details will help your travel partners get the details of your honeymoon right the first time, and avoid time wasted on destinations or experiences that aren’t suited to your interests.
  3. Know how much you’re planning to spend.
    While it can be uncomfortable to talk numbers, it’s an important element of the planning process. Having a budget in mind will help your travel agent quickly determine if your interests match your budget. To help with the cost of travel, The Travel Team has a bridal registry program that enables friends and family to make a gift, of any amount, toward your travel plans. The gift of travel is a wonderful idea for a bridal shower or wedding present.

By researching and planning ahead, choosing an experienced travel partner and knowing what you want, your dream honeymoon is quickly becoming a reality!

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