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There’s an endless array of fresh produce to inspire your wedding menu grown right here in Upstate New York. Talk to your caterer about infusing local greens, fruits and seasonal veggies into every course for a customized menu full of flavor from local farms.

There’s nothing quite like the taste and color of local produce picked in its prime. Sourced from a local farm and delivered to your wedding table, your guests will savor the exquisite cuisine and you’ll feel good about supporting local growers.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s growing fresh in WNY this season.

Spring Specialties

Strawberries are the first local fruits to grace our tables each spring. Harvesting typically begins in June so you can bring these vibrant, sweet morsels into almost any course, from salad garnishes to heavenly desserts. Strawberry shortcake is a traditional and nostalgic dessert, and while simple in execution, it’s a fitting finish to a rustic wedding, especially if you’re using grandmother’s secret shortcake recipe.

Greens, including lettuce, spinach and Swiss chard, are ready for picking as early as May and June. Parsnips and asparagus are some the earliest vegetables to hit farm stands, heralding the beginning of a bountiful growing season. Wrapped in prosciutto or pureed into a chilled gazpacho, asparagus is a bright start to your festivities. For the main course, asparagus is extremely versatile and perfect for grilling or roasting with garlic to accompany a variety of proteins.

Savor Summer

For your July wedding, welcome back favorite fruits like cherries, blueberries, peaches and plums. A creative caterer can infuse these sweet flavors into any course. Compotes and jellies made by local farmers can be paired with these fresh fruits for a bright and delightful waffle station at a brunch reception.

Beans, summer squash, peppers and tomatoes are all ripe and ready to wow your guests with rich colors and exceptional flavors. A variety of gorgeous greens continue to be healthy producers throughout the season, with the welcome addition of collard greens in summer months.

Fresh in the Fall

The warm days and cool nights of a WNY fall are ideal conditions for the final wave of local produce, including corn, cauliflower, winter squash, leeks, carrots, turnips, parsnips and pumpkins. Roasted root vegetables or grilled corn are perfect accompaniments to your main course.

The local star of the season is apples. Crisp and refreshing, tart and sweet, apples are a signature ingredient of any fall wedding. An outdoor wedding can be decorated with bushels of apples and a warm cider station will keep guests comfortable as the chilly air settles in during evening hours. Send your guests home with a chocolate-covered or caramel-dipped apple for a whimsical favor.

Pears and raspberries are also ready for picking and make great additions to your dessert offering or beverage garnishes.

Be sure to talk with your caterer if you’re planning to feature local ingredients in your menu, and work with local farmers to make sure the best produce our region has to offer finds its way onto your wedding plate!


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