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Before your honeymoon plans go south, take a moment to consider northern locales that offer something out of the ordinary for an even more memorable getaway. You’ve seen a million smiling couples on white sandy beaches with tropical drinks in hand, but what about a stolen kiss under the Northern Lights? Now that’s a viral visual that will last a lifetime!

When you’re picking a honeymoon destination, it’s important to decide whether you want to bundle-up and cuddle close or strip down and bask in the sun. The time of year and type of vacation you’re looking for will also help to narrow down your choices. Here are some other hints to help you pick a hemisphere for your honeymoon.

Time for a Climate Change

We asked travel insider, Nicole Czechowski, Leisure and Luxury Travel Specialist, The Travel Team, about the pros and cons of warm and cool honeymoon destinations.

“Warm weather honeymoons in winter months tend to be more expensive than traveling in the summer and fall, but who doesn’t love being somewhere tropical!” said Nicole. “Cold weather destinations, on the other hand, offer fewer options but can infuse diversity and adventure into your honeymoon by choosing a beautiful ski resort or Alaskan cruise.”

Nicole recommends the Caribbean or Mexico for your best value down south. But, if you managed to come in under budget on your reception and can afford a splurge, Hawaii or the South Pacific are her top choices.

If a cold weather adventure is what you’re looking for, a ski resort is your best bet when keeping to a budget. If you’re looking to splurge, an Alaskan cruise gets Nicole’s nod for top honeymoon at the top of the world.

After Alaska, Nicole ranks the Arctic Circle as her favorite cold destination. She suggests tours or cruises to see the wildlife and Northern Lights. Or, skip across the ocean to Scandinavia or Norway for other wintery escapes post-wedding.

Keep in mind, these cooler climate options are gaining popularity and often fill-up just as quickly as resorts. Nicole says Alaskan cruises, in particular, book fast and early, so plan ahead if you’re considering this option. Call The Travel Team today to begin your planning, 1-855-221-9295.

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