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When choosing your venue, you’re probably focused on location, ambiance and budget. You should also think about where you will be getting ready for your big day. Amenity-filled get ready rooms may not be high on your priority list. However, consider these bridal suite must-haves while you narrow down your short list of venues.


Think about how many people will be sharing your get ready room. Your wedding party, mom (and other close family members), and hair and makeup vendors will all be there, along with all of the stuff they need to get wedding-ready. Account for a few tables of snacks and drinks with extra seating as well. You may end up needing more than just a room!

Good Lighting

Natural light is a must in your bridal suite. Your hair and makeup artists will need plenty of light to work. You’ll also want enough light for your photographer to easily capture the getting ready process.


Think about how many items you have plugged in in the morning and multiply this by the number of people who will be preparing for your big day together. There is only so much a power strip can do if you have a small number of electrical outlets to begin with. Consider (at the very least) phone chargers, styling tools, speakers and a steamer or iron.

Somewhere to Hang Dresses

This is for both pretty and practical reasons. Obviously, you’ll want your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses to remain wrinkle-free. You’ll also want a clutter-free space where you can hang your dress for photographs.


A nearby bathroom is a must. More than one nearby bathroom is ideal. Don’t rely on guest bathrooms, which may not be conveniently located. An early arrival could catch a glimpse of you on your way there as well.


Don’t risk your fiancé seeing you before you’re ready! Opt for a venue with a secluded space away from the other half of your wedding party and guests.

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