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Choosing the perfect wedding photographer to capture your special day isn’t an easy decision. Before you embark on your hunt, it’s best that you know what style it is that you’re looking for to narrow down your photographer search. We’ve gathered some of the most popular wedding photography style trends to help you decide on one that resonates with you.


Traditional photos seek to capture your special moments in a classic, timeless manner. This style is more formal and elegant with posed shots of the couple, bridal party and families, and very few candids. Typically, the bride and groom request specific elements in a “shot list,” which the photographer will work from.


An artistic wedding photography style is fixated on aesthetics. The photographer anticipates moments in which they can capture beautiful, unique images using fine art techniques. Artistic photographers produce gorgeously composed photos with curated lighting and image editing. Typically, this style includes a few traditional shots with more dramatic artistic shots as well.


Wedding photojournalism resembles reportage and documentary shooting, with a less formal approach to storytelling. The photographer primarily catches lively candids and spontaneous images, but will also capture some group shots. Photojournalistic wedding photos often capture raw close-ups, emotions in the moment, and surrounding reactions of the crowd.


Portraiture captures some of the most beautiful close-up shots of the bride and groom on their wedding day. The photos are formal and posed to emphasize the couple, or the individuals themselves. Portrait style photos typically involve dramatic lighting and unique angles.


Natural wedding photography uses natural light to capture high-quality photos of your day, rather than a camera flash or any artificial light sources. This style is best for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, where the photographer can use the temperature of sunlight to snap naturally soft, warm photos.


Vintage wedding photography is trendy, yet timeless, evoking nostalgia and sentimentality. This editing style uses color distortion filters and retro themes that work best on rustic wedding ceremonies and receptions. The photos captured by vintage style photographers are often candid to capture dreamy, warm tones.

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