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Wedding planning is stressful. Eliminate the worry of honeymoon travel with insurance to protect your investment in the event of flight interruptions or medical emergencies. We’ll tell you what you need to know when purchasing peace of mind.

From what’s covered to what’s not, and how to initiate a claim, our travel expert simplifies this worthwhile investment in peace of mind.

“Travel insurance in this day and age is more popular, and important, than ever,” said Nicole Czechowski, Leisure and Luxury Travel Specialist, The Travel Team. “Storms, flight interruption, baggage mishaps and safety concerns abroad are all reasons to cover your trip.”

Nicole also says that as airfare and fuel costs rise, so will the cost of your overall trip. Purchasing travel insurance gives you and your immediate family peace of mind, and it’s a good financial decision to protect the investment you’ve made in traveling to your honeymoon destination.

“While we always hope a traveler will never have to use their travel insurance, we are always happy to know they have it,” said Nicole.

Protection from the Unexpected

A bottle of wine chilling in your suite or complimentary spa credits are welcome surprises on your honeymoon, but flight cancellations, lost bags or family emergencies can be unexpected, inconvenient and costly.

Here are a few things travel insurance can protect you against:

  • If you are unable to travel due to sickness or injury (either yourself, your travel companion or an immediate family member)
  • Trip interruptions such as missed connections, delays and lost luggage
  • Medical emergencies while traveling

Nicole recommends reviewing your coverage carefully with your agent as there are stipulations and maximum coverage amounts on travel interruption.

It’s also important to note that the coverage you receive in the event of interruptions in your travel due to severe weather hinges upon whether or not the airline decided to cancel flights due to a named storm such as a hurricane.

Picking a Protection Plan

“We sell insurance for any type of travel, even airline tickets, and we always recommend the policy with the best value for the cost,” said Nicole. “It’s important to work with a reputable travel agent who can help secure insurance from a licensed and financially secure provider.”

What to do in an Emergency

Nicole says travelers should always call The Travel Team first to open a claim for travel interruption or trip cancellation. Should your emergency happen outside of normal business hours, the insurance provider offers 24-hour service – you’ll find the provider’s contact information right on your policy.

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