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Are you looking to soak up the sun or climb above the clouds? These are two very different honeymoons that require very different planning, and much different shoes! A travel agency can take the worry and stress out of any honeymoon, relaxing or adventurous, but it’s important to know your agenda before you meet with an agent.

A relaxing resort-style honeymoon requires considerably less planning, but your experience will be fairly one dimensional if you don’t venture off the resort grounds. If you simply want to sprawl on the beach and sip cocktails together, there’s no shortage of destinations to feed your need for relaxation.

“Adventure or experiential honeymoons involve much more detailed planning but offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are tailored to your interests and will be etched in your memory forever,” said Nicole Czechowski, Leisure and Luxury Travel Specialist, The Travel Team.

After months of planning your wedding, it might be a good idea to hand the reins to professionals at The Travel Team. Agents like Nicole will personally attend to every detail from travel documentation and itineraries to special excursions and transportation.

“We can research and coordinate personalized experiences for you, including day trips, tours, sightseeing, shows, dinners and more,” said Nicole.

Experiential trips are rising in popularity as couples want to immerse in local culture and truly experience life in an unknown locale. Some lesser-known experiences include authentic food tastings, wine pairings, sunset sails, hot air balloon rides and helicopter tours.

Top Picks

Nicole shared her favorite destinations for adventure seekers and sun bathers alike. She recommends putting your feet up anywhere from Florida to the Caribbean and Hawaii. Costa Rica, Belize and Europe make her list of great places to find an adventure.

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