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Cruising can be a romantic way to refresh and recharge after planning your wedding. Free from cumbersome maps and detailed itineraries, cruise ships welcome you to climb aboard and let the sea carry you away on a magical adventure you’ll never forget.

We asked our leisure travel expert at The Travel Team what cruise destinations she recommends for a romantic honeymoon. “I would suggest savoring the beauty and serenity of Alaska or experiencing the culture and flavor of Mediterranean Europe,” said Nicole Czechowski, Leisure and Luxury Travel Specialist.

Alaskan Awakening

The diverse landscape of Alaska creates a dramatic backdrop for your honeymoon. Wide waterways offer panoramic views of jagged mountain peaks and crystal blue glaciers. A haven for wildlife, Alaska’s dense forests, mountain ranges and icy waters are home to bears, whales, seals, eagles, salmon, puffins, mountain goats and more. Pack a camera!

If you’re planning a spring honeymoon cruise to Alaska, you’ll have the chance to experience smaller crowds, a glimpse of the inspiring hues of the Northern Lights and close encounters with nature as spring awakens plant and animal life along the shores.

On-land excursions in Alaska are an adventure-seeking naturalists dream. You can enjoy everything from sea kayaking to guided nature walks in one of Alaska’s scenic national parks.

Mediterranean Memories

Food and culture collide in the Mediterranean. Beyond the sun-kissed beaches are quaint villages with ancient ruins and historic monuments and cathedrals. The landscape is lush and diverse from snow-capped mountains and unspoiled forests to rare rock formations and craggy cliffs. Food is a way of life in the region. Each country has its own specialty but all favor fresh, local ingredients and traditional fare, and the region’s reputation for winemaking is unparalleled.

For a more intimate experience, travel in style aboard a small luxury boutique cruise ship and explore the smaller, uncrowded ports along the Mediterranean coastline. From the aft deck, you can enjoy a variety of watersports such as windsurfing and waterskiing. Known to host a youthful crowd with high-end expectations, this yacht-style experience offers lavish amenities, gourmet cuisine and extraordinary service.

No matter your destination, you’ll get the most from your cruise by working with an experienced travel partner. Through The Travel Team, Nicole can pre-plan excursions, entertainment and exclusive experiences throughout your voyage.

Here are a few planning tips from Nicole:

  • Decide what sightseeing you’d like to experience at each port before you embark on your cruise. You usually only have one day or an overnight at each location so it’s important to make the most of that time.
  • Some cruise lines offer concierge services and upgraded packages that include special food presentation in an exclusive dining room, access to the spa facilities, early embarkation and disembarkation, upgraded bathroom and cabin amenities and more. Splurge for a balcony on a honeymoon to sit out and enjoy a glass of wine before dinner or watch the sunrise in the morning.
  • Pre-plan some cruise activities by booking live entertainment, shows and specialty dining venues ahead of time.  If you are not satisfied with the excursions the cruise line offers on board, The Travel Team can arrange private touring with an outside company for an unforgettable private experience.

To explore cruise options for your honeymoon, call The Travel Team today at 1-855-471-7682.

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