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Will your favorite flower be in season on your wedding day? As the first blooms to chase away the winter blues, spring flowers are bursting with fragrance, awakening our senses to the seasons ahead. Are you leaning toward pastels? Spring blooms will complement your theme with an array of pinks, purples, blues and whites, and of course a few vibrant punches of color for the daring bride.

If you’re planning a spring soiree, consider these timeless blooms.



This stunning flower with big, bold blooms may the best reason to choose a spring wedding date. Most commonly, peonies range from deep red to pink to rose to white. Packed with petals and bursting with sweet fragrance, these generous blooms are said to represent good fortune and a happy marriage.


Fragrant and abundant, these spring blooms are a feast for the senses. With loose, flowing stems, lilacs are well-suited to rustic, nature-inspired arrangements. A classic choice for vintage weddings, the Celtics regarded the lilac as “magical” due to their intoxicating fragrance.


From simple to elegant, these versatile flowers come in rainbow of colors from pastels to bold brights to dramatic shades of black, maroon and deep purple. Need one more reason to wrap your hands around these classic stems? The tulip is widely known to symbolize perfect or deep love. Could you ask for a better wedding flower?

Calla Lily

The calla is a perfect choice for an exposed stem bouquet. Simply wrap a grouping of these elegant lilies in a satin ribbon and head down the aisle. Originating from the Greek work for beautiful, calla, the most common meaning for calla lilies is purity, holiness, and faithfulness.


Available in pink, purple, white and blue varieties, these delicate blooms are a favorite for wedding themes ranging from rustic to romantic. The blues add a refreshing coolness and whites evoke a gracefulness and simplicity. The hydrangea has a wide array of meanings, including heartfelt emotion and gratitude.


This southern belle balances drama and simplicity. Gathered with its lush green foliage, the magnolia makes a statement. This subtle, elegant flower symbolizes nobility, perseverance and love of nature.


Looking for a true blue to match your wedding theme? Look no further. As clear as the spring sky, the hyacinth’s fragrant blooms (also available in pinks, purples and whites) represent constancy and sincerity – two appropriate nuptial sentiments.

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