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The inspiration for your wedding cake can come from anywhere.  Your dress or invitation are obvious sources, but don’t be afraid to look down alternate avenues like fashion, home design and textiles for ideas. Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception, so whether you’re going for soft and subtle or high impact, this important design element deserves careful consideration.

Naturally, most wedding decorating trends usually find their way onto the cake, and the trend toward metallic hues is no exception. From the elegance of gold to the romance of rose gold, these surprising pops of colour add a hint of glamor to your confection. The metallic hues, often carried throughout your wedding decor, add vibrancy and drama to your event.

“These shimmering details can be the focal point of your cake by covering complete layers in gold leaf, or they can be subtle accents in the design, mixed into the icing or sprinkled on like dust,” said Heather Hammer, Pastry Chef at Cookie.



Dress design details like ruffles are also being featured on cakes this year. Ruffles are a simple design style with timeless appeal. From whimsical to elegant, colorful to natural, ruffles can be as versatile as any cake decorating trend. They establish a mood all on their own and rarely need additional details.

“Last year we saw naked cakes rule the reception scene,” said Heather. “This year I see the trend moving toward a country-chic vibe where we’ll incorporate textiles like lace and burlap into the cake design for textural diversity and visual interest. We’re also seeing more natural palettes of white on white, which can vary in design from minimalistic to indulgently elegant.”

In icing trends, Heather expects the extremes, from black fondant to soft buttercream finishes. Fondant, especially in bold colors like black, lends itself to clean, custom designs with intricate details. In contrast, buttercream adds a sense of rustic, casual charm that complements a natural, wooded theme.

Let your creativity run wild with your cake design, and let our talented pastry team bring that vision to life in delicious style, call Cookie today!

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