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After months of warm weather, we welcome fall’s cool breezes. Autumn’s weather, plentiful in-season produce and rich flavors make it a wonderful time to celebrate a soon-to-be Mrs. with a wedding shower.

When planning a fall bridal shower, elevate classic autumn décor and flavors for a party that is cozy, welcoming, festive, photo-worthy and memorable.

Use Rich Colors and Cozy Décor

Your décor’s color palate should reflect the rich colors of fall. Deep jewel tones, fiery oranges and muted greens are all gorgeous options. Or, let nature’s hues take center stage with dusty rose and creamy neutrals.

Take full advantage of cooler autumn weather and infuse your bridal shower with cozy elements. Knit throws, burlap accents, fall leaves and burning candles will create a welcoming space. Elegant displays of gourds, fresh sunflowers and potted chrysanthemums that double as favors are perfect for tables throughout the shower.

Mix Fall Flavored Drinks

Bring classic autumn flavors to your drink menu. Apple cider mimosas are simple yet delicious. Dust the rims of your champagne flutes with cinnamon sugar and garnish with an apple slice for an elegant touch.

Fall sangria, with red wine, apple cider and brandy or white wine, apple cider and cranberry juice, is perfect for any time of day. On cool fall days, a hot toddy and mulled cider or wine will taste delicious. Creative pumpkin cocktails are a yummy option for PSL-loving brides.

Incorporate Autumn’s Bounty

Many of New York’s most beloved flavors ripen in late summer and early fall. Incorporate apples, Brussels sprouts and squash into your menu for a meal that reflects the season’s bounty. Try flatbreads with Brussels sprouts, bacon and parmesan or leeks, arugula, prosciutto and gruyere. Simple roasted vegetables make a delicious side.

For dessert, rustic fruit pies, tarts or crisps are delicious. Apple and pumpkin are classic autumn options. Pecan, sweet potato, pear and cranberry are also seasonal treats.

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