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You’ve planned and enjoyed a spectacular wedding. Now you get to throw your feet up and enjoy the pleasures of being newlyweds while on your honeymoon. But wait, there’s one more painstaking item on your to-do list. Pack. Here are some helpful hints to make the job easier and the load lighter.

Start with your feet. Think about the type of trip you’re taking and try to select two pairs of shoes that will work. Are you relaxing on a beach or climbing a mountainside? Knowing what you plan to do while you’re honeymooning will help you narrow down the choices.

Accessorize. The key to packing light is picking a few basic pieces that you can mix and match and change the look with accessories, which take up considerably less space in your suitcase. However, think twice before packing your most expensive or sentimental jewelry. Pick up some inexpensive costume jewelry that you won’t miss should something unexpected happen to your luggage during your travels. Take only one or two statement pieces for special evenings out.

If you’re really restricted on size, pay attention to what you need to bring along and what you can purchase when you arrive. Things like toiletries and medicine don’t make sense to buy locally, but a new hat sure does! Be sure to confirm the travel sizes for toiletries with your airline before leaving. Check ahead with the resort as well, if the rooms are stocked with shampoo, conditioner and a hair dryer you can save yourself some space there too.

Leave technology at home. Not only will you save space and weight, but you’ll find it easier to connect and enjoy your honeymoon without the digital ties to the rest of the world. There will be plenty of time to share photos and stories when you return.

Most importantly, don’t forget the essential like your itinerary, tickets, passports, credit cards and cash, and reservation information.

Take some time to consider what you really need for this trip. Obviously packing light is easier when you’re planning a beach honeymoon rather than a ski trip. Once you’ve packed your bag, look through it one last time to see if there’s anything you can leave behind. Remember, you really only need your spouse for this trip!

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