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Today’s couples are crafting personalized wedding ceremonies that fit them perfectly. Brides and grooms are borrowing from cultures and religions different from their own, as well as adding unique touches, to create modern wedding ceremonies.

When designing a ceremony that reflects your love, don’t overlook traditional wedding elements as potential pieces of your big day. We think these four timeless elements feel just as natural in a modern celebration as a traditional one!


Even if you won’t be assigning seats or sides, ushers stationed at the back of your venue make guests feel welcome. Whether it’s cousins too young to be in the wedding party or friends from college, any wedding guest can be an usher!


A traditional religious ceremony would use readings from the couple’s holy text. However, you can easily add the practice of sharing a special passage into any ceremony. Simply choose any reading that fits you and your fiance. Poems, song lyrics, literature and personal stories are all beautiful options.


Many couples today are opting to write their own vows for a very intimate ceremony. If you don’t feel like this is a good fit for you, it’s okay. Traditional vows are just as meaningful!

First Kiss

You can’t forget this traditional wedding ceremony moment. Your first kiss as a married couple is one ceremony element that has certainly stood the test of time.

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