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Photos are an excellent way to preserve the beautiful memories of your big day. However, they’re not the only way. Elements like your wedding invitation or guest book can be displayed in your home for years to come as well.

After your wedding day passes, think about tucking away a keepsake or two to help you and your new husband or wife remember the day. These items are just a few we’ve seen couples cherish. Any detail with meaning from your ceremony or reception makes for a beautiful keepsake.

Your Bouquet

A bouquet or boutonniere can be dried and admired for years to come. Shadow boxes, which can be displayed almost anywhere, are often used to help keep bouquets clean and damage-free. This keepsake is particularly special if you pinned in an heirloom broach or locket for your ceremony.

Wedding Invitations

This little piece of paper is what invited your closest friends and family to celebrate your marriage. Choose a pretty frame to display it for a small reminder of the celebration you all shared.

Place Cards

Remember your reception with the cards or décor that marked your place settings. These small keepsakes can be tucked away to help you reminisce about your wedding day for years to come.

Guest Book

Whether you opt for a guest book or a more creative spin on the tradition, it can be showcased in your home. After the excitement of your wedding and honeymoon, sit down with your new spouse and read what your family and friends wrote for you.

Champagne Cork

If you can find it, the cork from the bottle of champagne you popped together to toast your marriage is a quirky keepsake. A small shadow box can be tucked in among other décor on a bookshelf or mantle.

Unity Ceremony

Sand ceremonies are one of the most popular types of unity ceremony. Or, you may have planted a tree, completed a puzzle or completed a traditional blanket unity ceremony. Treasure the symbolism of these keepsakes by displaying them in your home.

Piece of Music

Frame the sheet music for one of the songs from your wedding, be it what you walked down the aisle to or your first dance. If your ceremony or reception included a musician, provide them with a copy of the music specifically for your wedding so you’re able to keep it afterward.

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