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A wedding is a special union between two people, and two families. A unity ceremony is a meaningful way to symbolize the joining of hearts and souls and a memorable addition to your wedding service. From planting trees to pouring sand, there are many ways to symbolize your wedded union. Use these ideas to inspire a unity ceremony that’s unique, memorable and personalized.

Light the Way

This traditional ceremony is as meaningful as it is memorable. Two taper candles are displayed near the alter along with a large pillar candle. At the beginning of the service, a member from each family lights the taper candle and after the vows, the couple takes the two candles and together light the large candle to represent the joining of two families into one.

Let it Grow

For those not afraid to get their hands dirty, potting a plant together can be a symbolic gesture that you’ll appreciate for years to come. For a backyard wedding, you can make your unity ceremony a permanent part of the family landscape by planting a tree. As your loves grows and flourishes over the years, so will this living treasure. With a little nurturing, the tree or plant will develop strong roots and stand tall as a reminder of the love you shared on your wedding day.

Pour Your Heart Out

Sand was one of the first things to be poured from two vessels into one to celebrate the union of a couple. As adventurous couples seek to add a little fun and flavor into their service, this tradition has taken on new forms and couples are pouring complementary wines, their favorite beers or spirits into a bottle. Choosing a unique vessel for pouring (and receiving) is another way to personalize your ceremony and incorporate your theme. Elegant vases, rustic mason jars and wine barrels are all great choices.

Seal it in Time

A time capsule is a creative way to mark this special day in your lives. Each of you will bring a small collection of items to seal in the capsule. They can be things that you love and represent you as individuals, some small tokens of your relationship to date (maybe a concert ticket from your first date or keepsake from your proposal) and things that you wish for your future together. A printed copy of your wedding invitation and vows can serve as a beautiful reminder of your day, or you can write secret notes to one another to seal in the box for the future. Set a date to open the time capsule and find a special place to display it in your home and wait, in hopeful anticipation, of the time you’ll get to open it together.

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