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Our digital world has brought the far reaches of the earth into the palm of our hands, but it has also made us guilty, on occasion, of disengaging with the people sitting right beside us.

Many couples are opting to unplug during their honeymoon, taking a break from digital distractions and pouring their energy and attention into one another.

Various vacation hotspots now offer a so called “digital detox” where couples can retreat to rooms without TVs, phones, radios and wifi.

In addition to removing electronics from the room, Jade Mountain, St. Lucia, eliminated air conditioning, instead the fourth wall of your room is open, bringing in warm ocean breezes and a symphony of nature.

Petit St. Vincent is an off-grid private island where the guests use the resort’s signature flag system to communicate with staff in the absence of in-room wifi and telephones.

Kamalame Cay in Andros Island, Bahamas, sits along the third largest barrier reef and only offers wifi in the main lobby. We suggest you unplug, dive-in and make your “social” circle a party of two.


Another popular honeymoon trend is glamping. This luxurious take on the popular family vacation can be an inspiring and refreshing way to get closer to nature while still enjoying the perks of a five-star hotel.

Curl-up under the stars at Paws Up, Montana, where you and your sweetie can enjoy a private honeymoon tent. You’ll make once-in-a-lifetime memories while picnicking by candlelight, horseback riding and gliding through the sky in a hot air balloon.

High on Martha Stewart’s list of glamping destinations is Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado. The media mogul’s wedding magazine featured the 1880s mining camp, touting it as a “luxury log-cabin colony.” Rejuvenation awaits in the restorative hot springs and adventure calls you to try fly-fishing or rafting in the cool waters of the rugged Rockies.

Unplugged, unrestricted and unencumbered by the demands of today’s digital world, these honeymoon adventures might be just what you’re looking for. To find the best destinations to unwind and reconnect, let the experts at The Travel Team guide you on the path to a memorable honeymoon.

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