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Your honeymoon is designed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience; the launching pad of your new life together. Most likely, you have visions of tropical destinations or unchartered paths, but disappoint looms if you don’t have an experienced, reliable travel partner by your side, ready and willing to make last-minute arrangements and accept late-night calls in response to unexpected emergencies.

Travel agents often reference a philosophy they call “duty of care,” something you won’t get by booking your honeymoon through an online service provider. Your personal travel agent will help you design a dream vacation, tailored to your interests, and they’ll coordinate all the details necessary for a hassle-free honeymoon to remember. But their services don’t end at the time of booking.

“Recently, I had a group of 30 vacationing in Belize when I learned of an earthquake in the region,” said Julie Metzgar, Vice President of Leisure and Luxury Travel, The Travel Team. “I immediately called to make sure everyone was ok. I was relieved to learn the family was safe. They were grateful for my call and attention to their needs.”



If you take matters into your own hands and book your honeymoon online, you’re on your own once you click ‘buy.’ There’s no one to call, no one to make calls on your behalf and no one to come to your aide.

The advantages of booking your vacation with a reputable travel partner like The Travel Team can equate to big savings, fewer hassles and a memorable honeymoon. Here’s what we offer:

  • Expertise and experience. Always ask your travel partner if he/she, or someone on the team, has been to the destination you’re considering. Their personal experience can be leveraged to create a customized honeymoon.
  • Vendor relationships. Booking online isn’t always the cheapest option (and service fees are built into the cost you pay). As preferred partners with airlines, hotels, tour companies and more, The Travel Team can secure deals, upgrades and amenities that aren’t available online.
  • Travel protection. From flight-grounding weather and natural disasters to vendor errors, having an agent in your corner can get you from issue to resolution faster. As an AMEX preferred partner, The Travel Team’s call to a vendor or supplier gets answered, and yields action.

Be wary when booking online. Place your honeymoon dreams in the hands of a trusted travel partner that will ensure you ride happily into the sunset!

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