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Your wedding day is going to be a busy one long before your guests arrive for your ceremony and reception. Make sure you’re ready for the day by taking care of as much as possible during the week leading up to your wedding and prioritizing a good night of sleep the day before.

Remember that not every item on this checklist needs to be completed by you or your fiancé. Don’t be shy about assigning to do items to responsible friends and family members. Most will be excited about the opportunity to help.

When planning your wedding day itinerary, give yourself extra time. Consider travel time to your stylist or venue. You don’t want to be late to your own wedding or rushing important details like makeup and photos.

Wedding Day To Do List

Grooms definitely have it easier on your wedding day. Many of these checklist items are bride and bridal party specific. Use this to your advantage when planning with your photographer and venue.

Food and Drinks: Start your wedding day with a big breakfast to power you through the day, which will likely include pre-ceremony champagne. You’ll definitely want to sip on water throughout the getting ready process. Make sure everyone has access to snacks and even a light lunch, depending on when the ceremony takes place.

Drop Offs: Your luggage for your wedding night and/or honeymoon needs to end up at the same place you will after your reception. If you made favors for guests staying at local hotels, you’ll need to drop those off as well. These are tasks you can easily assign to a friend.

Deodorant and Fragrance: It goes without saying these items are important. So is brushing your teeth.

Mani/Pedi and Massage: A later ceremony gives you extra time during the day for pampering. Schedule a relaxing manicure, pedicure and massage for either the day before or the morning of your wedding day.

Sunscreen: If your wedding is outdoors, apply a high-quality sunscreen that will protect you from the sun without smelling funny, ruining your makeup or making your skin feel slimy.

Hair and Makeup: This is one checklist item that will take longer for brides than grooms. When creating your wedding day itinerary, take into account how many bridesmaids are getting their hair and makeup professionally done and how many assistants your stylist has on staff.

Wedding Party Gifts: If you haven’t already gifted your bridesmaids and groomsmen, this is a wonderful time to pass out heartfelt gifts. Your parents are also deserving of a handwritten note and thoughtful gift.

Floral Care: Depending on what time your florist arrived, you may need to water your bouquets and centerpieces during the day. Ask your venue or a family member to take care of this one.

Social Media: Encouraging your guests to use a Snapchat filter or Instagram hashtag? Make sure these are working the way you intended with a quick test before guests start arriving.

Dresses and Suits: Putting on your formalwear is probably going to take a little longer than getting dressed for work in the morning. Give yourself extra time to make sure the whole wedding party looks perfect and your photographer captures these moments.

Photos: Take advantage of how much quicker the groom and his party will be ready and start with their photos, especially if you’re only using one photographer. Then, move on to the bridal party as they finish getting ready.

Each wedding photographer will have a preferred timeline to help you get all the shots you want. Work directly with them so you know how much time you’ll need before the ceremony and work backwards from there to plan your pre-ceremony itinerary!

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