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Wedding guests from out of town will arrive in their hotel rooms just a few hours before they need to be ready for your ceremony. Welcome them to Buffalo with a basket of goodies you can only find in the 716. First timers and Buffalo expats alike will be charmed by your thoughtful welcome to Western New York. Plus, a sweet specialty will help tide them over until cocktail hour.

Hot Sauce

Buffalo’s wings would be almost nothing without the secret sauces that go on top. Buffalonians enjoy a number of other foods with hot sauce too, including tacos and hot dogs. Treat your wedding guests to a gift they can enjoy in the months after your wedding: a bottle of hot sauce from Duff’s, Anchor Bar, Lloyd, Mighty Taco or Ted’s.

Other Condiments

Western New York claims ownership of a few other well-loved condiments as well. Include Chiavetta’s marinade or Weber’s mustard (with pretzels for a pre-wedding snack) in your welcome bag.

Sweet Treats

A few pieces of sponge candy from your favorite confectionary will satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. For a treat your out of town guests will be more familiar with, include biscotti from DiCamillo’s instead.

A Bottle

The options for local booze are almost endless. Buffalo-made craft beer or Labatt in a Zubaz can will immediately make expats smile. For a more luxurious welcome basket, add a small bottle of locally made wine or spirits. You may want to add in a couple of bottles of water as well.

Morning Essentials

Help your guests get ready for their trip back home with a donut from Paula’s and coffee beans from your favorite local shop. Tim Horton’s is an obvious pick. You could also opt for Goodrich, Public or Overwinter, among others.

Thank You Note

The most important goodie in your bag is a heartfelt thank you note. Your out-of-town guests will appreciate a few sentences thanking them for traveling to join you and your fiancé as you walk down the aisle. There are lots of Buffalo-centric stationery options, including reproductions of vintage cards and locally designed postcards. Search Etsy, Zazzle and maker fairs for the perfect one.

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