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If you haven’t started researching your honeymoon, start now. It’s never too early to start dreaming about destinations and making a must-have list of amenities, services and activities.

This is when the internet is your friend! Search your heart out. As you may soon see, your ideas often evolve as your research broadens. Your dream of experiencing the Rockies may start in Colorado, but you may find your plans travelling north when you discover the Rocky Mountaineer leaves from Seattle, Washington, and travels up through some of Canada’s most picturesque western landscapes including Vancouver, Lake Louise and Banff.

Once you have a sense of when and where you want to go, pick up the phone. It’s always advantageous to book as early as possible. Whether you’re avoiding availability issues or cashing-in on preseason savings, there are benefits to beating the crowd.

Calling an agent to initiate the planning process does not commit you to a purchase, so don’t hesitate to contact a travel partner to toss ideas around and take advantage of their experience.



Once you engage The Travel Team in your planning, they will try to get a sense of what you envision in a honeymoon.

“Everyone is looking for something different,” said Ron Luczak, Vice President of Business Development, The Travel Team. “From adventure, to relaxation, to education, there are so many inspirations to form a memorable honeymoon around. It’s important to match the couple to the package, that’s the magic of vacation planning.”

Once The Travel Team has a sense of what you’re looking for, the fun begins. Experts begin researching and preparing a sample itinerary for you. Then, you’ll have a chance to review the itinerary and make additional requests and recommendations before the trip is booked.

So, get online. Get creative. Get inspired. Get a travel partner you trust. And get your dream honeymoon booked!

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