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Registering for wedding gifts is a source of stress for many couples. They don’t know what to register for, where to register, how many stores is enough (or too many) and how to make shopping convenient for guests.

Rest assured, there are many types of registries. Every couple should be able to find a few that satisfy their wants as well as the needs of their guests.

How many places should you register?

Don’t go overboard here. You should register in enough places to keep your guests (who are excited to gift you with things you want and need) satisfied. More guests mean more registries. Usually, two is the minimum and more than five is too many. Three or four will do the trick in most cases.

Multiple registries are especially important if one of the stores you’re including is a shop nearby that doesn’t offer online shopping. Remember, you need options for every type of guest: your best friend from high school, your mom’s cousin’s in-laws and your grandparents’ siblings. This means stores that let you walk in and buy off a shelf, stores with a wide price range and stores with affordable shipping to faraway places.

Where should you register?

Take into account what’s most convenient for your guests, you and your fiancé’s wants, and perks like completion discounts and free shipping. Then, pick a variety of registries to meet these needs.

All-in-One Registries

These registries are growing in popularity, thanks to how all-encompassing they are. Many have large collections of goods and let you add any item from any store that they don’t already offer. There are many all-in-one registries to choose from, including Amazon and Zola.

Amazon: If you already have a robust Amazon Wish List, using Amazon for one of your wedding registries is easy. For a lot of families, this is how birthday and holiday gift ideas are shared, so it’s a format even grandparents are familiar with.

Zola: Because Zola is solely a wedding registry, it’s packed with features perfect for busy couples and their guests. Personalized notes, free shipping, popular brands, the ability to add from other stores and a cash fund option are all included.

Individual Stores

This is more traditional wedding registry route. For specialized goods like fine china and lawncare equipment, choosing a specialized retailer offers many options. Specialty stores often provide couples with a shopping assistant to make registering simple.

Bed, Bath and Beyond: Lots of items, lots of price points and lots of physical store locations make Bed, Bath and Beyond a favorite among couples and guests. You won’t find designer items here, but it’s a good place to start for everyday wares.

Department Stores: For a mix of higher end home goods with a shopping experience many of your guests are familiar with, register at a department store. Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Dillard’s are all popular options.

Ethan Allen: Work with a designer to pick out beautiful statement pieces and accessories to upgrade your home’s décor. Depending on your style and the price point you’re comfortable with, you and your fiancé may want to choose an alternate décor store, such as west elm, Crate & Barrel or Wayfair.

Williams-Sonoma: Register for kitchen gadgets, specialized cookware and unique dinnerware at Williams-Sonoma. Gifts are organized by price point and classic must-haves for a streamlined registry experience for both you and your guests. Your guests may also like the option to purchase a gift card, which can be used at Williams-Sonoma, west elm and Pottery Barn.

REI: If you’re an adventurous couple more interested in your next road trip than fine china, consider REI’s registry. Camping, kayaking, skiing and climbing equipment abounds here!

Unique Registries

For couples who aren’t into “things” or don’t have room for them, one of these registries may make more sense. Just make sure you registered for at least a few home goods so your more traditional family members aren’t offended.

Honeyfund: Give your guests the option to help fund your honeymoon. Your accommodations, excursions, travel expenses and more can all be added, with destinations on six continents and islands worldwide.

The Good Beginning: Suggest that your guests donate to a charity of your choice instead of showering you with physical gifts. The Good Beginning lets you support a charity you already love or browse a list of charities based on the types of causes you’re interested in.

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