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Guest books give you and your new spouse something to look back at after your big day passes. For years to come, you’ll be able to remember the well wishes of your family and friends. While we love the sentimental element of guest books, the “book” format means you might stick this on a shelf and promptly forget about it.

Instead, let guests sign something you can display in your home and enjoy the daily reminder of how much love you all shared on your wedding day.

  1. Create a photo album using Polaroids or photos from your photo booth.
  2. Have guests sign a photo mat to surround one of your wedding images.
  3. Order a few extra bottles of wine or champagne so guests can sign them.
  4. Find a vintage guitar that will look great in your home.
  5. Love the water? A surf board makes a great guest book alternative.
  6. For a nautical wedding, substitute painted oars for a guest book.
  7. A large monogram looks pretty at your wedding and on a shelf at home.
  8. Hang a map on the wall or set a globe on a table for guests to sign.
  9. Wood slices are popular centerpieces. Use one as your guest book too!
  10. Instead of something you can hang on the wall, what about something you can play? Ask guests to sign Jenga pieces or puzzle pieces.
  11. Pick up a few old records at a garage sale or antique store for your guest book alternative.
  12. To give guests more space to write you notes, opt for postcards.
  13. Leave a typewriter stocked with paper so guests can type out their well wishes.
  14. Pennants from your alma matters, hometowns or current city are a cool alternative.
  15. A terra cotta pot is pretty and practical long after your wedding.
  16. To add a fun element for guests, have them fold their well wishes into paper airplanes.
  17. A reprint of a vintage concert, venue or travel poster makes for awesome décor later on, especially if it has personal meaning for you and your spouse.
  18. Even if you’re not the fine China type, a pretty platter is a nice way to remember your wedding day.

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