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Wedding expenses can really add up. One of the largest costs isn’t even part of your big day. The average honeymoon will set newlyweds back between $4,000 and $5,000. It can be tempting to cut corners on your honeymoon to save a few dollars.

If this sounds like you, we have good news! There are plenty of ways to save on your honeymoon, without sacrificing romance and adventure.

1. Prioritize

Consider what honeymoon details are most important to you. If you’d like to stay in a luxurious hotel and enjoy high-end entertainment, consider saving transportation costs by doing so in a city near your hometown. If you’d rather enjoy a far-away destination, you’ll need to scale back your accommodations.

No matter how much you think you can save, don’t try to scrimp in ways that are sure to cause stress. Make sure any layovers are long enough that you don’t need to rush. Avoid long drives. Choose accommodations that provide all the essentials.

2. Shorten

For luxury that doesn’t feel like you’re on a budget, shorten your honeymoon to four or five days. You’ll save hundreds of dollars over a week-long honeymoon, without sacrificing upscale accommodations and activities.

3. All-Inclusive

An all-inclusive resort (or cruise) isn’t always less costly than other types of vacations. However, in many situations you can enjoy an all-inclusive honeymoon on a budget. Ask your travel agent (which we recommend for busy wedding-planning couples!) to research how much you could save by opting for an all-inclusive in your chosen destination.

4. Luxurious Details

A honeymoon can feel high-end with just a few luxurious details. Make time (and room in the budget) for whatever will help you celebrate your new marriage, whether it’s spa treatments, decadent meals or a private pool.

5. Low-Cost Adventures

The public beach or city park may not be as secluded and romantic as a private adults-only resort. However, it is usually much more affordable. Ask local residents where they enjoy spending an afternoon. It will likely be more fun and budget-friendly than touristy activities!

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