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We continue to be inspired by the new ways that couples express their personality and incorporate wedding themes into cake and dessert designs. More and more, pastry chefs are exploring their creative side as they challenge tradition and blur the lines between dessert and art. As delicious as they are beautiful, the wedding cake trends of 2019 do not disappoint. Here are some of our favorite twists on tradition:

Minimalist Cakes

Many couples opt for a small, understated wedding cake (often a single tier) to display at the reception. Your pastry chef can prepare sheet cakes for the caterer to cut and serve to guests and your wedding cake can be preserved for an anniversary celebration in the future. Or, you can serve small slices of the minimalist cake and include them as part of a larger dessert station with a variety of sweet options.  

Sculptural designs

Stunning wedding cakes done in unique shapes and configurations take guests by surprise. The hexagon is among the more popular shapes, but talented pastry chefs across the country are finding innovative ways to experiment with form in both the cake shape and the decorating techniques this year. We even see cake tiers balanced between geometric sculptural forms to create modern masterpieces that are the focal point of photos. 

Fruit Garnishes

Over the past few years, many different garnishes have been used to adorn cakes, from flowers and shells to metallic designs and fondant creations of all shapes and sizes. This year, delicate fruits found their way onto cakes. As we head into the fall season, we expect to see more seasonal fruits, such as figs, cherries and miniature apples, featured on cakes. 

Tiers of Sweetness

There are many ways to make a tiered wedding cake, and using cake is just the beginning. Couples continue to take the tradition of a tiered wedding cake and put their own spin on it, experimenting with donuts, cupcakes and other sweets to fill these towers of sweetness.

No matter how you intend to express yourself and your love through your wedding dessert, be sure to talk with your pastry chef as soon as possible so you both have time to design the sweet treat of our dreams. Call Cookie Patisserie & Bakery today, 716-878-8821.

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