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Honeymoon registries are increasing in popularity, but some couples worry about how family and friends will react to requests for a sunset cruise instead of towels. There are some great reasons to go for it, including these five points:


There’s an Item for Everyone

If you and your guests have very different tastes in linens, kitchenware and other traditional registry gifts, they won’t be excited about giving. Throughout your honeymoon, you’ll likely do something that appeals to everyone, including dinners, tours, massages and more.

You’re Asking for Experiences

Traditional wedding registries are full of “things” and while it’s what we’re used to, your family and friends are likely pretty willing to forego those “things” to give you an experience you’ll never forget. A third slow cooker is definitely going to be returned. A snorkeling trip, wine tour or museum pass? You and your new spouse will remember that for years to come.

Even the Small Items Matter

Traveling costs add up, so small items on your honeymoon registry matter. This gives guests with less to give the opportunity to contribute in a way they know you’ll appreciate without stretching their own budget.

You Already Have Home Goods You Love

Because couples are getting married later and often already live together, they don’t need as many items for their homes as they once did. Your wedding gives you an opportunity to upgrade items if you want to; if you have trouble filling your registry, it’s okay to turn to a honeymoon fund.

It’s Just a Suggestion

Your family, friends and other guests are under no obligation to give a gift on any registry, whether traditional or honeymoon. You (as well as your close family members and wedding party) may need to remind guests of this point. Regardless, if a guest doesn’t feel inclined to give any items you listed, they don’t have to!

Deciding how to register is completely up to you as a couple and if a honeymoon registry just doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. However, with so many options for guests, it can be a great complement to a traditional registry.

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