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Asking guests to travel to attend your wedding is a big deal. Take family and friends’ wants and needs into consideration when planning your destination wedding to make sure they’re glad they made the trip!

Know your destination’s busy season

The best weather means bigger crowds, busier accommodations and costlier airfare. Try to balance seasonality with convenience, aiming for a month that won’t overwhelm your guests.

Let guests know your destination as soon as possible

You and your closest friends may know you’ve been dreaming of a destination wedding since college, but other people won’t. Work schedules, transportation specifics and costs are all factors in your guests’ decisions, so give invitees lots of time to work out the details on their end.

Plan guests’ transportation and accommodations

Suggest flight numbers, schedule transportation from the airport to the hotel and reserve rooms in a convenient location. These details not only help guests feel at ease, they can also save your guests time and money, making them more likely to attend your wedding.

Choose a dress code that matches the climate

If your heart is set on a black-tie affair, don’t plan your destination wedding during a Caribbean summer. Choose attire that keeps guests comfortable and they’ll remember how beautiful your ceremony was, not how warm (or cold) they were.

Take travel regulations into account

If the country you’re traveling to or the airline you suggested has specific restrictions on what you can and can’t pack, plan your event accordingly. Have guests traveling from the same location as you? Ask if they have room to help transport your décor or linens.

Plan more than just a wedding

Host a few events to make sure everyone has something to do before and after your wedding. This is especially important if you and your soon-to-be spouse’s families don’t know each other or your college friends have never met your work friends. You can also provide a list of things to do and a map of the area to help people explore.

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