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Some couples know exactly what they want to serve their wedding guests for dinner. For others, the venue determines what kind of meal you and your guests will enjoy.

However, many couples aren’t sure what meal fits their wedding reception best. While there are an almost limitless number of options, including cocktail-style snacks, serving stations, breakfast for dinner or a mix of multiple styles customized to your liking, most couples choose between a buffet dinner or sit down service.

Need help deciding? Consider these factors when choosing how you’ll serve your guests.


Choose a Buffet Style Dinner if…


You and Your Spouse have Different Tastes

If deciding on just a few menu items is likely to cause a hiccup in your wedding planning, go with a buffet. A buffet will also allow you to plan for food allergies, picky eaters and special diets. Maybe his family is more meat-and-potatoes while all of your cousins are strict vegans with food allergies. Choosing a buffet lets you satisfy all your guests’ taste buds.

You Don’t Want to Worry about Meal Cards

You can send detailed information about choosing a meal on your RSVP cards, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get everyone’s preference or that they’ll remember what they chose on the day of your wedding. A buffet means people eat what they’re in the mood for.

Your Wedding is More Casual

A buffet can be dressed up to fit formal reception venues, but it’s generally seen as a more casual option. This is great if your wedding is casual by design: think beachy, rustic or daytime weddings.


Go with Sit Down Service when…


Your Event is Very Formal

Over the last few decades, we’ve come to associate formal weddings with sit down meal service. This option gives you the opportunity to have more formal place settings, pretty plating, structured courses and more.

Limited Mobility is a Concern

For couples with elderly relatives or lots of younger guests, buffets can be tricky. Can you imagine your friends struggling to balance plates for themselves and their little ones as they work their way through the line? Plates delivered straight to their tables make their lives easier and cut down on spills.

The Reception has a Tight Timeline

A sit down dinner guarantees that your guests will eat together and on time. For receptions with a tight timeline, this can be a good way to keep the schedule on track without sacrificing quality or making guests feel rushed.


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