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Summer weddings are the perfect place to break away from traditional cake flavors for something a little lighter, a little fruiter and a little more unexpected.


Chocolate cake is easily lighted with raspberry compote and raspberry buttercream. You can also pair cholate with vanilla cream filling and a spicy chai frosting. For an even more summer-appropriate take on chocolate, pair white chocolate cake with a raspberry or lemon filling.


Coconut is a truly tropical flavor that can easily be matched with many different fillings and frostings. For a lovely summer wedding cake, use blueberry, pineapple or mango compote, rum filling or lime curd. Top with coconut frosting, a meringue or even chocolate ganache. Finish your coconut cake with a dusting of coconut flakes or berries.


Lemon basil makes for a delicious summer wedding cake flavor when left naked and topped with a sweet lemon glaze. Honey and lavender flavors combine into a unique, refreshing cake that can be topped with vanilla or lavender buttercream.


Hummingbird cake is a Southern specialty with flavors of banana, pineapple and cinnamon, and topped with buttercream. While untraditional, this is a delicious summer wedding cake flavor no matter where your reception is being held.


A lemon cake is the perfect summertime combination of sweet and tart. It pairs beautifully with a filling of lemon curd, raspberry compote or mascarpone. Lemon buttercream or vanilla buttercream topped with berries is a refreshing twist.


Dress up traditional vanilla for summer with fruity fillings. Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and passion fruit are all tasty options. Finish with a whipped mascarpone, buttercream or even leave naked to let the fresh filling shine.

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