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Winter brides don’t need to forgo beautiful floral arrangements. There are many ways to use flowers within your bouquets, centerpieces and décor that highlight the season. From rich jewel tones to romantic greenery, winter wedding floral arrangements are just as pretty as their summertime relatives.

Incorporate these tips for stunning winter wedding flowers.

  1. Mix rich colors together for arrangements that stand out against the muted colors of winter. Various shades of reds, purples, navy, chocolate and even black can be mixed and matched for florals that make a statement.
  2. Go monochromatic. Many people think of white when they picture monochromatic winter wedding flowers. Instead, consider bouquets and centerpieces comprised of all dusty blues, an assortment of burgundies or a collection of champagne-colored blooms. Choosing a monochromatic arrangement allows you to focus on adding texture.
  3. Add seasonal greenery. No matter the season, greenery is always appropriate. In addition to year-round favorites like eucalyptus, ferns and succulents, add evergreens, ivy and pussy willow branches. These beautiful greenery options are unique to the winter months. Couples tying the knot during the colder months can use them to embrace the season.
  4. Tie your wedding floral arrangements with ribbons for romantic winter vibes. A hand-dyed ribbon trailing from your bouquet as you walk down the aisle is a beautiful accent. It will also look lovely in pictures, especially against a snowy background.
  5. Accent your florals with winter fruit. Bright oranges, kumquats and berries add color and texture to centerpieces.
  6. Use in season winter wedding flowers. Many blooms are available year-round, but become harder to find, and therefore costlier, during the winter. Instead, opt for the majority of your flowers to be in season during the winter months. Chrysanthemum, amaryllis, winterberry and ranunculus are popular choices. These flowers come in dozens of colors, so a talented florist can certainly achieve the look you’re dreaming of.

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