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Brides and grooms tying the knot this year have lots of wedding food trends to inspire their menus. In 2019, every course is about treating guests to fun, fresh foods the couple enjoy. For a creative, thoughtful wedding menu, build your meal with these trends in mind.

1. Healthy Foods

Serving a light, healthy meal is ideal for warm summertime weddings. Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring! Spice up salads with unique toppings and flavorful dressings. Fermented accents, such as kimchi or pickles, as well as kombucha, are good for your guests. Ask your caterer to source produce and other ingredients from local farmers. Plates filled with fresh ingredients are also beautiful, with colorful elements and a variety of textures.

2. Dietary Restrictions

As dietary restrictions become more common, it is also becoming easier to cater to guests who don’t eat animal products, gluten or dairy. Meat-free main courses and gluten-free sides are more creative and flavorful than ever before.

3. Interactive Food Stations

Involving guests in the preparation of their food adds an element of entertainment to your menu. While interactive food stations may not be practical for your main course, it’s easy to add this wedding food trend to cocktail hour or dessert. Try guacamole, grilled cheese, fondue, cocktails, wine tastings, snow cones or s’mores!

Because guests are involved in what goes on to their plate, interactive stations are great for accommodating guests with dietary restrictions.

4. Breakfast for Dinner

Brunch weddings are still very much on trend. If you’d rather have a traditional evening wedding but are dreaming of the waffle bar that comes with a mid-morning celebration, don’t despair. Serve your guests breakfast for dinner, with yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, homemade biscuits, bagels and even cereal.

5. Rustic Touches

Weddings are no longer strictly formal affairs. Rustic touches in every wedding element, from décor to menu, make guests feel right at home. Serve dinner family-style and send guests home with homemade favors, such as scones and jam for the next morning.

6. Fork-Free Desserts

Making your desserts easy to grab on a trip to the dance floor encourages guests to enjoy every aspect of your reception. Use your cutting cake as the showstopping centerpiece of your dessert table and surround it with fork-free desserts. Milk and cookies, a donut wall and macaroons are trendy choices.

7. International Cuisine

Caterers will be offering more menus inspired by Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern foods. Sushi, tacos, Korean barbecue, kabobs and falafel are all popular options. You’ll find lots of other wedding food trends within this category as well. For example, sushi, hummus and tacos make for excellent interactive stations, and they can easily be vegan and gluten-free too.

8. Late Night Snacks

Who says dessert needs to be the last course of your menu? After a few hours of dancing and drinks, treat your guests to a late night snack. Choosing an item that reminds you of your first date, college hangout or hometown is a cute way to add personality to your reception.

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