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Having cake at your wedding is the traditional choice, but what if you really don’t like cake? Whether you’re not fond of the taste, choosing just a few flavors, or the idea that your new spouse can smash it in your face just a few hours into the reception, these bite sized alternatives will have your guests wishing they ditched the cake at their weddings as well.



While similar to cake, cupcakes give you more flavor options than a single traditional cake. Peanut butter and chocolate, raspberry and lemon, carrot cake and cream cheese; the options are endless!


Many couples planning rustic weddings are choosing to keep a small fire burning after dark to give guests a cozy place to take a break from the dance floor. Set up a s’mores bar filled with lots of options and skewers nearby! No fire? A small artificial flame will also get the job done.


Cookies and milk are just as iconic as cake, as far as desserts go. Pick a few flavors and let your guests grab their favorites throughout the night.


If you’re not a fan of cake but don’t want to lose the elegance of a gorgeous tiered wedding cake, go with macarons. This high-end French dessert is perfect for a formal wedding and can be stacked to give guests a dessert table to envy.

Mini Pies

Large pies are a great dessert option, but they still require your venue’s staff to cut and plate slices. Instead, go with mini pies in a variety of flavors so guests can help themselves. Mini tarts are a similar option.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

The flavor and topping options for a sundae bar are endless, so guests can customize their dessert. You can even add small cake slices and brownies to keep the traditionalists expecting cake happy.


If you and your spouse are cannoli lovers, why not make it your dessert choice? There are dozens of flavor options and you can request a smaller-than-normal size from your baker so guests can try more than one.


Iced cinnamon rolls, almond bear claws, fruity turnovers and small scones all make great desserts for a daytime reception. Sweet but not too sweet, they’re easy to stack in pretty displays and guests can grab as they please.

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