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Not every couple chooses to have engagement photos taken with a professional photographer, and that’s okay. It’s not a necessary part of wedding planning by any means. Skipping engagement photos may even give you a few extra dollars for entertainment at the reception or a nice dinner out during your honeymoon.

There are also plenty of reasons to invest in engagement photos, both logistical and sentimental. You and your fiancé may decide that an engagement shoot is worth it for one or two of these reasons.

Put the Photos to Good Use

Having professional engagement photos is going to come in handy throughout the months leading up to your wedding. Beyond hanging in your living room, these photos can be used for your save the dates, on your wedding website, in your holiday cards and as part of your wedding favors.

Get to Know Your Photographer

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day. In fact, most of the time you spend with your significant other (as well as some of your time apart), you will also be accompanied by your photographer. Get to know your photographer with an engagement session. You’ll be more relaxed and your photographer will better know how to feature your “good side.”

Pose with Your Partner

Even if you’re comfortable posing alone, you probably don’t spend too much time working it for the camera with your fiancé by your side. An engagement photoshoot helps you and your partner practice posing together so your wedding photos look natural and relaxed.

Capture Everyday Life

Your wedding photos will be beautiful, but they’ll also be formal and most likely take place at your venue. Engagement photos are a chance to capture you and your fiancé in a more casual way. Comfier clothes, a special location and even your fur babies can all be incorporated.

Celebrate Your Engagement

Perhaps most importantly, engagement photos are a way to celebrate your engagement. These photos, while not as iconic as your wedding photos, capture a special time in your life you will likely want to look back on someday. Before wedding planning stress takes hold, consider scheduling an engagement photoshoot to document the love you have for your fiancé.

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