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An interview with Rich’s Catering & Special Events Chef and General Manager, Will Kreiner


MOMENTS: What is the best meal to serve family and friends at a wedding? 

WK: I don’t think there is one specific dish that is the best. It’s the entire experience – the food, the venue, the décor, the party. From the moment guests arrive they should experience something special, something magical, that’s what makes a memory for them. I’ve seen a growing trend towards dual entrées. With customizable protein combinations, sides and sauces, this option pleases everyone and takes the task of meal tracking off the couple’s plate. As a chef, I would love to entertain a three-hour multicourse dinner but that’s not what a wedding is about – it’s about celebrating the love of the wedding couple. 

M: What do you love about cooking for weddings?  

WK: Any day I have the opportunity to cook and make a food memory is a great day! For us, weddings are all about the experience we create for the couple and their guests. I love a nice cocktail hour with stationary and elegantly passed hors d’oeuvres. A three or four course meal is more than enough because after that the real fun begins. A late-night station is a great way to stave off any hunger pains. One of the nicest touches is to leave the guests with a mini breakfast muffin or cookies to take home and enjoy the next day.

M: Of all the weddings you’ve cooked for, does one stand out as your favorite?

WK: Yes! It was an intimate wedding at a private venue in Buffalo several years ago. The bride wanted the food to take center stage. They wanted to enjoy a memorable meal paired with rare wines alongside 60 of their closest friends and loved ones. Together, we developed a completely custom menu with ingredients from all over the world. Events like this are few and far between, and it was very special to work with this client from start to finish on the menu.

M: Any advice you’d give to couples as they think about their wedding meal? 

WK: The wedding day is a whirlwind and passes in a blink of an eye. Take time to think about your goals and how you want the evening to flow. Everyone’s different. For some, the food is as important as the rest of the event. Others are all about the party; food plays a part in the celebration but not the starring role. At the end of the day, the overall experience is the most important thing to think about in my eyes.

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